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Here at Amore Domenica, we pride ourselves in having the most highly skilled and experienced massage therapists in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Each therapist at Amore Domenica Spa have over 20 years of experience along with continuous education to stay updated with the latest techniques and best practices in the field of massage therapy.

Our expertise spans a wide range of modalities, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger point Myofascial, Craniosacral, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Sports Massage, and Therapeutic massage, ensuring that you receive a personalized treatment tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

This commitment to excellence ensures that you experience not only relief from physical tension and pain but also a profound sense of relaxation and well-being.

Moreover, we have exceptional customer service and are dedication to your care. We take the time to understand your unique health concerns and wellness goals, which fosters a welcoming and healing environment.

We combine technical proficiency with a compassionate approach, and this sets us apart from other massage therapy providers in Albuquerque.

Our clients frequently highlight our attentiveness, professionalism, and transformative impact of their massages. This makes Amore Domenica your best choice for seeking the best massage therapy in Albuquerque.

Each massage session starts with a consultation to talk about your medical history and to find out what your specific needs are. Then you will be asked to undress down to your comfort level as we leave the room.

The room will be a dark candle lit room with a heated soft table. The massage will include aromatherapy oils, hot towels, and music of your choice.

Whether you’re having problems with your neck, back, shoulders, hips, legs, or just have pain everywhere, we have a massage technique that is able to help relieve your pain.

If you’re just looking for a place to relax and unwind and put your mind at ease, we can help with that too.

Receiving a massage on a regular basis, whether monthly or bi-weekly, is important for maintaining both your physical and mental well-being.

Regular massages help reduce muscle tension, alleviate stress, and improve circulation, which collectively enhance your overall bodily function and reduce the risk of injury.

Additionally, consistent massage therapy can lead to better sleep patterns, boosted immunity, and relief from chronic pain conditions, such as arthritis or migraines.

The psychological benefits are equally significant; regular massages promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, and improve mood by triggering the release of endorphins and serotonin.

Consequently, integrating regular massage sessions into one’s routine is a holistic approach to sustaining long-term health and vitality.

Below is some helpful information on the different modalities that we are trained in and how they will help you on your quest for healing.

Book your massage today by either with our massage therapist at Amore Domenica now, by booking online or calling, to experience unparalleled relaxation and rejuvenation tailored to your needs.

Best Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone massage at Amore Domenica Spa


Best Couples Massage

Couples Massage at Amore Domenica Spa


Packages For Holistic Experience

Investing in a massage package is a smart way to prioritize your well-being while enjoying significant savings. Our packages offer exceptional value: a single massage session is priced at $85, but you can opt for a package of five massages for only $350, or maximize your savings with ten massages for just $650. These packages not only ensure consistent and regular care, enhancing the cumulative benefits of massage therapy, but also provide the convenience of pre-scheduled appointments. Treat yourself to the ongoing relaxation and health benefits of regular massages with one of our thoughtfully designed packages.

One hour Massage

One hour Massage
Over 10 Years of Experience

Meet Our Experienced Team Members

At Amore Domenica, we take pride in our exceptional team of massage therapists who are dedicated to providing unparalleled care and expertise to every client. Our therapists are not only highly skilled in a variety of massage modalities, but they also possess a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, and the principles of holistic healing. Each member of our team is committed to creating a nurturing and welcoming environment where clients can feel relaxed and supported throughout their wellness journey. With their compassionate approach and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, our therapists go above and beyond to ensure that every massage experience is tailored to meet the individual needs and preferences of our valued clients. Rest assured that when you choose Amore Domenica, you are in the hands of a team of professionals who are passionate about helping you achieve optimal health and well-being through the transformative power of massage therapy.

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Explore the most sought-after treatments at Amore Domenica, where our clients' favorite massage therapies are designed to deliver unparalleled relaxation and healing. From the deep muscle relief of our Deep Tissue Massage to the soothing warmth of our Hot Stone Massage, each therapy is crafted to meet your specific needs. Experience the energetic balance of Crystal Healing, share a serene moment with our Couples Massage, or enjoy the gentle, nurturing touch of our Pregnancy Massage. Discover why these treatments are loved by so many and book your appointment today to see the difference for yourself.

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