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Reflexology Massage

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Regular massage includes:
Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Myofascial
Craniosacral, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Face, Hot towel, in every massage.
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Hot Stone Massage$95$140Book Now
Couples Massage$85 per person$125 per personCall
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Crystal Healing$75Call
Pregnancy Massage$85Book

Discover Balance: Reflexology at Amore Domenica

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Spa, feet and massage for relax, wellness and health on bed with hands, luxury and physical therapy. Professional, foot rub and service for healthcare, foot massage and healthy body care treatment

Welcome to Amore Domenica, where we invite you to experience the ancient art of reflexology, a holistic healing practice that promotes balance and well-being through targeted foot massage. Step into a realm of relaxation and rejuvenation as our skilled therapists apply gentle pressure to specific points on your feet, stimulating reflex areas that correspond to different organs and systems of the body.

Understanding Reflexology: what is reflexology

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Foot reflexology chart with accurate description of the corresponding internal organs and body parts. Vector illustration over white background.

Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflex points on the feet (and hands) that correspond to specific organs, glands, and other parts of the body. By applying pressure to these reflex points, reflexologists aim to promote relaxation, improve circulation, and facilitate the body’s natural healing processes.

What is reflexology used for?

Reflexology is a holistic therapy that involves applying pressure to specific points on the hands, feet, and ears to stimulate the body’s natural healing response. This ancient practice is utilized for various purposes, including promoting relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety levels, improving circulation, and enhancing overall well-being. Reflexology is also commonly used to alleviate symptoms associated with a wide range of health conditions, such as chronic pain, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, and sleep disorders. By targeting reflex points that correspond to specific organs, glands, and systems within the body, reflexology helps to restore balance and harmony, facilitating a sense of physical, mental, and emotional equilibrium.

Does reflexology really work?

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Unrecognizable male therapist having relaxing foot massage with his customer at the spa.

Research and anecdotal evidence suggest that reflexology can indeed be effective in promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and alleviating certain symptoms associated with various health conditions. While more rigorous scientific studies are needed to fully understand the mechanisms and efficacy of reflexology, many individuals report positive outcomes from regular treatments.

Reflexology works on the principle that specific points on the hands, feet, and ears correspond to different organs and systems in the body, and by stimulating these points, it can help to improve circulation, relieve tension, and support the body’s natural healing process. Ultimately, whether reflexology “works” depends on individual experiences and the specific goals of the recipient, but many people find it to be a beneficial and enjoyable complementary therapy for enhancing overall well-being.

The Amore Domenica Experience:

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Woman enjoying a feet massage in a spa setting (close up on feet)
  1. Holistic Healing: At Amore Domenica, it is more than just a foot massage—it’s a holistic healing experience designed to restore balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit. Our skilled reflexologists use their hands to apply precise pressure to reflex points on your feet, addressing imbalances and promoting overall well-being.
  2. Customized Sessions: Each session at Amore Domenica is tailored to your individual needs and preferences. Whether you’re seeking relief from specific health concerns or simply want to unwind and relax, our therapists will customize the session to address your unique needs, ensuring a personalized and effective experience.
  3. Stress Reduction: it is known for its ability to induce deep relaxation and reduce stress. As the therapist applies gentle pressure to your feet, tension melts away, and a sense of calm washes over you, allowing you to release stress and tension stored in the body.
  4. Improved Circulation: By stimulating reflex points on the feet, it helps to improve blood circulation throughout the body. Enhanced circulation not only promotes the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells but also aids in the removal of toxins and metabolic waste, supporting overall health and vitality.

Benefits of massage and foot reflexology

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Macro close up of hands massaging female foot. Feet next to flower and candle against colourful background.
  1. Pain Relief: foot massage can help alleviate various types of pain, including headaches, migraines, back pain, and joint pain. By targeting reflex points associated with pain and discomfort, reflexologists can help to reduce inflammation, relax muscles, and promote natural pain relief.
  2. Stress Reduction: foot massage induces a state of deep relaxation, helping to reduce stress and promote a sense of calm and well-being. By releasing tension and promoting relaxation, reflexology can have a positive impact on mental and emotional health, helping to reduce anxiety, depression, and other stress-related conditions.
  3. Improved Sleep: Many people find that foot massage helps to improve sleep quality by promoting relaxation and reducing stress and anxiety. By inducing a state of deep relaxation, reflexology can help to calm the mind and body, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night.
  4. Enhanced Well-being: Reflexology is a natural and non-invasive therapy that supports overall health and well-being. By stimulating reflex points on the feet, reflexology helps to restore balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit, promoting a sense of vitality and wholeness.

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Gary Vega
June 24, 2024

I've been going to Richard and Cindy for a while now and I must say they are both great with their techniques. I've had my sciatica flair up a few times and Richard some how finds a way to work the nerve to relive the pain. Cindy has helped with my restless legs that cramp up at night. I highly recommend them both. They can work magic to help with pain.

Juanita Bower
June 24, 2024

Amore Domenica was a great massage experience. Richard does a wonderfull swedish massage i have no more migrains or headaches and no more nexk pain. It really is a miracle.

Jann Justice
June 20, 2024

My go to therapist for nearly 5 years!!

Bruce F
June 19, 2024

I have been using Richard as my massage therapist for about six months and him found him very knowledgeable, personable, and able to get relief in those deep, tight areas allowing much greater flexibility. Great work!!

Debbie Truong
June 19, 2024

The best massage therapist in town! Thank you Richart 😊

Sally Santillan
June 18, 2024

I've been going to the Richard for about 15 plus years, and every single time I leave, I feel like a new person! The massages are consistently amazing and always leave me feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed. The attention to detail is incredible,I am only Spanish speaking Richard understands exactly what I am communicating to him. There is no language barrier for him! he takes the time to listen to my specific needs and concerns. I love the cozy, inviting atmosphere, and the professionalism and skill Richard is truly top-notch. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an exceptional massage experience. All my family members go to Richard! Thank you for always providing such amazing service, for your quality of work is truly unbeatable. Enjoy 😉 Best massage Richard Massage therapists is very knowledgeable in multiple massage techniques, styles, and pressures. They included warm up, stress relieving broad strokes, hot stone, deep tissue and steam cloth. Thank you Richard for always healing my pain! 🫠

Vicki Wheatley
June 18, 2024

Very nice space and a great massage with Richard!

Taren Minion
June 18, 2024

Richard has the most amazing hands you will ever find. I found him through a friend and was honestly at the point where I was having trouble walking because my back was a mass of knots. After the first session I felt 20 years younger. It sounds corny, but I really felt light and airy as I was leaving his studio. I’ve been seeing him for a few months now and hopefully will do this for as long as he is still in business. As you can tell, I would highly recommend Richard although I hope he doesn’t get booked up so much that I can’t get in on my monthly massage. 😳

Rosalia Armijo
June 18, 2024

I wouldn't go anywhere else! He gets ALL the knots I have on my body/back! Feel so relaxed after I leave from getting a massage!

Megan Clark
June 18, 2024

I’ve been going to Richard for years now and he has been able to help me get rid of my migraines! I honestly wouldn’t be able to function without him!

Meryl Carey
May 18, 2024

Cindy & Richard are both fantastic massage therapists! I’ve been seeing Cindy for almost 3 years, and she’s highly experienced. I recently saw her husband Richard, and his body work skills are excellent. I’m a personal trainer, and I appreciate that Richard & Cindy are not afraid to apply deep pressure on my small frame, but they can adapt to your individual needs. They find and work on muscles that no other therapist has addressed before! They’re professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and they always make you feel welcome and comfortable. Their passion for their work shines through in every massage they provide. Highly recommend!

Kris Pellegrino
April 18, 2024

My wife and I get massages from Richard and Cindy at least once a month and have been very pleased with each experience! They adapt their massage based on your self-reported trouble areas and their own extensive knowledge and experience to give you just what you need. We definitely recommend!